By its very nature, institutional racism is elusive, hiding in plain sight under the guise of accepted traditions and through modes of professional behavior that cast a blind eye on the experiences of people of color. It is incumbent on us, therefore, to pay careful attention to those whose experiences of the academy have been shaped by encounters with racial bias if we are to have any hope of correcting them. Learn More ›

Recently, over 150 notable journalists, writers, and academics signed a letter in Harper’s Magazine expressing concern over increasing intolerance on campuses, in newsrooms, and throughout our society. Numerous responses to this letter have raised important questions about freedom of expression and its limits, including the very possibility of truly “open debate” in a society where historic inequities have long suppressed the voices of those on the margins. Learn More ›

The centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment’s passage and ratification seems an apt occasion to reflect on the long and ongoing struggle to achieve equality for women and to consider how the ideals of of women’s rights advocates remain unrealized. In fact, scholars need look no further than their campus environments to see how gender-based inequities persist. Learn More ›