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A selection of recent publications and digital initiatives from the National Humanities Center and others highlighting the importance of the humanities and ongoing challenges in the areas of research, education, and public engagement.


Image credits: 4Humanities, American Academy of Arts & Sciences Humanities Indicators Project, and the National Humanities Alliance.
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  • Positive Contribution to Society

    A Positive Contribution to Society

  • Job Satisfaction

    Job Satisfaction in the Humanities

  • Humanities Majors Salary Satisfaction

    Humanities Majors Salary Satisfaction

  • 2017 Humanities Research Funding

    2017 Humanities Research Funding

  • College Majors for Congress Members

    College Majors for Congress Members

  • NEH's Bipartisan Support

    NEH’s Bipartisan Support

  • The humanities in global society

    The Humanities in Global Society

  • Humanities majors employed and happy

    Humanities Majors Employed and Happy

  • Career paths in the humanities

    Career Paths in the Humanities

  • Humanities Moments

    Check out these personal accounts of how the humanities can change lives which have been shared with us through our Humanities Moments project.